Fulfilling my obligations under the legal requirements, I declare as a manufacturer the conformity of my goods with the relevant requirements of the Community harmonization legislation.

The basic legal requirement for toy safety on the territory of Poland is the REGULATION OF THE MINISTER OF DEVELOPMENT AND FINANCE of October 20, 2016. On requirements for toys. This Regulation, within the scope of its regulation, implements Directive 2009/48/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 June 2009. On toy safety.

As a manufacturer, I take the necessary measures to ensure that the production process and its monitoring ensure that the manufactured toys comply with the technical documentation and with the legal and normative requirements applicable to them.


  • Part 1- mechanical and physical properties PN-EN 71-1+A1:2018-08
  • Part 2- Flammability PN-EN 71-2+A1:2014-06
  • Part 3- migration of specific elements PN-EN 71-3+A3:2018-09

CE mark

The required marking containing the unique identifier of the toy, the name and address of the manufacturer, warnings and the CE mark shall be affixed to the products or, if that is not possible, to the packaging. A product that meets the safety requirements will be labeled with this mark thereby letting the user know that it is safe and properly marketed.

Declaration of conformity

As a manufacturer, I make a written EC declaration of conformity for each toy model. This declaration shall include the unique identifier of the toy, the name and address of the manufacturer, a color photo to identify the toy, references to the relevant harmonized standards that have been applied, or to the specifications for which conformity is declared.