About Little Dragon

Welcome to the land of dragons. Let yourself be invited to our magical space!

Once upon a time (or not so long ago), in the coastal backstreets of this planet, the Dragon was born. Or rather, the little Dragon. Vulnerable, beautiful and curious about this world. The parents could not get out of their awe at the uniqueness of their firstborn. Weeks passed, months passed…. Little and Big Dragon watched with growing concern as their son completely ignored toys of all kinds. Mama Little Dragon stood on the heights of imagination in initiating all sorts of activities, inventing new objects that would at least for a while interest the Dragon… In vain. None of the attractions occupied him for more than three minutes.

Doubt had already almost taken hold when something unexpected happened. Resigned and tired, Mama Little Dragon was pacing around the house looking for attractive objects to avoid crying after Dragon’s nap. Grandpa, a real handyman, was doing some cleaning on the balcony at the time. As Little Dragon crossed the threshold, a small block lying next to the tools caught her eye. And next to something else, a tray – a wheel, with a rotating base, also made of wood. Fireworks went off in her head. A nook and cranny of an already somewhat dusty creativity was ignited. She grabbed the cube and attached a bolt to its wall. And a wheel from an old couch, and a window hook. And a veritable festival of ideas was unleashed in my head! And so the first recycled manipulative cube was created, and a color learning aid was born from a wooden wheel.

It was like a revelation…

When the Dragon began to show signs of dissatisfaction, it was given more items to test. Mama Little Dragon made observations, took notes, changed and refined the concept. And her son was finally able to occupy himself with something for an extended period of time….

Since then, peace and development have prevailed in the land of dragons, learning began to playfully intertwine with fun. The spirit of Montessori filled the previously formless space, replacing it with an amazing place of discovery and a time machine to the adult world, where the forbidden becomes accessible and safe.

Little Dragon – that’s me. Alexander’s mom, who constantly surprises and motivates me. As an educator, I do my best to make my aids supportive and developmental, as a mom -, interesting and aesthetic, as a manufacturer – safe. 

Little Dragon aids are not just for the little ones! They are also therapeutic items that have amazing benefits in working with people suffering from sensory integration disorders (SI), with various disabilities, or elderly people struggling with Alzheimer’s disease.

Why did I opt for wooden aids? Privately, I try to choose eco-friendly solutions. From using reusable diapers and breastfeeding, to vegetarianism, to using just wooden toys and educational aids. Therefore, it was obvious for me to choose exactly this raw material. 😉

My dream is to open a place in the center of Gdynia in a few years (2, maybe 3), which will be both my studio and a space where I can host parents with children with full access to all Little Dragon aids. And who knows how many will be built by then? 😉

Hello explorers! Make yourself comfortable in these spaces if you wish 🙂